Gad (2)

(gadh, "fortunate"): David's seer (chozeh, 1Ch 21:9; 29:29; 2Ch 29:25), or prophet (nabhi'; compare 1Sa 22:5; 2Sa 24:11). He appears (1) to advise David while an outlaw fleeing before Saul to return to the land of Judah (1Sa 22:5); (2) to rebuke David and give him his choice of punishments when, in spite of the advice of Joab and the traditional objections (compare Ex 30:11 ff), he had counted the children of Israel (2Sa 24:11; 1Ch 21:9 ff); (3) to instruct David to erect an altar on the threshing-floor of Araunah when the plague that had descended on Israel ceased (2Sa 24:18; 1Ch 21:18); and (4) to assist in the arrangement of Levitical music with cymbals, psalteries and harps (compare 2Ch 29:25). Of his writings none are known, though he is said to have written a history of a part of David's reign (1Ch 29:29).

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