Shallum (1)

shal'-um (shallum, shallum; various forms in the Septuagint): This is the name of not less than 12 Hebrew persons:

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(1) The youngest son of Naphtali (1Ch 7:13). He is also called "Shillem" in Ge 46:24; Nu 26:49.

(2) A descendant of Simeon, the son of Shaul and the father of Mibsam (1Ch 4:25). He lived in 1618 BC.

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(3) The son of Sismai "son" of Shesham of the tribe of Judah (1Ch 2:40-41). He lived in 1300 BC.

(4) A son of Kore, a porter of the sanctuary during the reign of David (1Ch 9:17,19,31; Ezr 2:42; Ne 7:45). The name is also written "Meshullam" in Ne 12:25, "Salum" in 1 Esdras 5:28, "Meshelemiah" in 1Ch 26:1-2,9, and "Shelemiah" in 1Ch 26:14. He lived about 1050 BC.

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(5) A son of Zadok and father of Hilkiah, a high priest and ancestor of Ezra the scribe (1Ch 6:12-13; Ezr 7:2). In the works of Josephus he is called "Sallumus"; in 1 Esdras 8:1, "Salem," and in 2 Esdras 1:1, "Salemas."

(6) The 15th king of Israel. See following article.

(7) A son of Bani, a priest who had taken a heathen wife and was compelled by Ezra the scribe to put her away (Ezr 10:42; omitted in 1 Esdras 9:34).

(8) The father of Jehizkiah, an Ephraimite in the time of Ahaz king of Israel (2Ch 28:12).

(9) The husband of the prophetess Huldah (2Ki 22:14; 2Ch 34:22). He was the keeper of the sacred wardrobe and was probably the uncle of Jeremiah the prophet (Jer 32:7; compare Jer 35:4).

(10) King of Judah and son of Josiah (Jer 22:11; 1Ch 3:15), better known by the name Jehoahaz II. This name he received when he ascended the throne of the kingdom of Judah (2Ch 36:1).

(11) A Levite who was a porter at the time of Ezra (Ezr 10:24; "Sallumus" in 1 Esdras 9:25).

(12) A ruler over a part of Jerusalem and a son of Hallohesh. He with his daughters aided in building the walls of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah (Ne 3:12).

S. L. Umbach

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