Settle (2)

The Hebrew language has 8 words which are thus translated: yashabh, nachath, `amadh, shaqat, tabha`, natsabh, maqom, qapha'. Now the meaning is to settle down, to cause to occur (Eze 36:11 the King James Version; 1Ch 17:14); then it denotes fixedness (2Ki 8:11; Ps 119:89; Pr 8:25); again it points to a condition of absolute quiescence, as the settlings on the lees (Jer 48:11); and in still another place it means packing solidly together (Ps 65:10). In the New Testament the words hedraios, themelioo, and tithemi, have been translated "settle." the Revised Version (British and American) in 1Pe 5:10 has translated "establish," and the context unquestionably points to the idea of a fixed establishment in the faith. In Lu 21:14 the word translated "settle" evidently points to a fixed determination.

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Henry E. Dosker

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