Remember; Remembrance

re-mem'-ber, re-mem'-brans: "Remember" is mostly the translation, in the Old Testament, of zakhar, and in the New Testament of mnaomai (Mt 5:23; 26:75; Joh 2:17, etc.), and of [@mnemoneuo (Mt 16:9; Mr 8:18; Lu 17:32, etc.), and "remembrance" the translation of derivatives of these (zekher, anamnesis, etc.). There are a few other words. "To remember" is used of God in remembering persons (Ge 8:1; 19:29, etc.), His covenant (Ge 9:15; Ex 2:24; Eze 16:60, etc.), in answering prayer (Jg 16:28; Ne 13:14,22; Ps 20:3, etc.), and in other ways. Men are exhorted to "remember" God's dealings with them, His commandments (De 8:2,18; Jg 8:34; 1Ch 16:12, etc.), the Sabbath (Ex 20:8), etc. A specially solemn command is that relating to the Lord's Supper in Lu 22:19; 1Co 11:24-25, "This do in remembrance of me." "Remembrancer" (writer of chronicles) occurs in the King James Version margin of 2Sa 8:16; 20:24; 1Ki 4:3; 1Ch 18:15 (text "recorder," the Revised Version margin "chronicler"). In Isa 62:6, the Revised Version (British and American) reads, "ye that are Yahweh's remembrancers." the Revised Version (British and American) has frequent changes on the King James Version text, as "have marked" (1Sa 15:2); "make mention of" (Ps 20:7; 77:11; Song 1:4); "remember" for "be ye mindful of" (1Ch 16:15); "memorial" for "remembrance" (Isa 57:8); in the American Standard Revised Version, "to his holy memorial name" (Ps 30:4; 97:12, the English Revised Version "to his holy name," margin "Hebrew `memorial' "); in 2Ti 1:5, "having been reminded of" for the King James Version "call to remembrance," etc.

W. L. Walker

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