pot: A term used as the translation of a number of Hebrew and Greek words whose fundamental meaning seems to describe them as intended for the most part to hold liquid or semi-liquid substances, but the pots of Ex 27:3 are intended to hold ashes. (1) cir, the most common word for "pot." It designates most frequently some household utensil, probably a pot or kettle for boiling. So 2 Ki 4:38 ff; Ex 16:3; Jer 1:13 the King James Version; Eze 11:3,7,11, "caldron"; Eze 24:3,6 the King James Version; Mic 3:3; Zec 14:21, etc. It is also used as the name of some vessel of the sanctuary. So Ex 27:3, where the context shows it was intended to hold ashes; 1Ki 7:45; 2Ch 4:16; 2Ki 25:14. In Ps 60:8; 108:9, it is a pot for washing. (2) parur (Nu 11:8; 1Sa 2:14), a vessel for boiling; in Jg 6:19, a vessel for holding broth. (3) dudh, rendered "pot" in Ps 81:6 in the King James Version, "basket" in the Revised Version (British and American); "pot" both the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American) in Job 41:20. (4) tsintseneth (Ex 16:33), the jar in which the manna was placed. This jar or pot is mentioned in Heb 9:4 under the name stamnos. (5) 'acon (2Ki 4:2), some kind of jar for holding oil. (6) xestes (Mr 7:4), some kind of household utensil. Mention may also be made of the word rendered "pot" in Le 6:28 the King James Version, where the Revised Version (British and American) renders more correctly by the general term "vessel"; for the King James Version "pots" (Ps 68:13) the Revised Version (British and American) substitutes "sheepfolds." The root is uncertain. Those who render "sheepfolds" connect with the related root in Ge 49:14; Jg 5:16. Others render "fireplaces" or "ash heaps." See also "range for pots," in Le 11:35; "pots," Jer 35:5 the King James Version, correctly "bowls" the Revised Version (British and American); "refining pots" in Pr 17:3; 27:21.

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