mut'-er (haghah (Isa 8:19; 59:3)): An onomatopoetic word, used of the growling of a lion (Isa 31:4), of the "mourning" of a dove (Isa 38:14), or of the human voice, whether speaking inarticulately (Isa 16:7) or articulately (Ps 37:30, "The mouth of the righteous talketh of wisdom" compare Job 27:4; Pr 8:7, etc.). Hence, it is only the context that can give to haghah the meaning "mutter." No such meaning can be gathered from the context of Isa 59:3, and, in fact, the open shamelessness of the sinners seems to be in point. So the verse should be rendered, "Your lips have spoken lies, your tongue uttereth wickedness." In Isa 8:19 haghah describes the tone of voice used by the necromancers in uttering their formulas, "that chirp and that mutter." That this tone was subdued and indistinct is quite probable.

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Burton Scott Easton

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