jo'-a (yo'ach, "Yahweh is brother"):

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(1) Son of Asaph and recorder under King Hezekiah (2Ki 18:18,26; Isa 36:3,11,22); he was one of the 3 officers sent by the king to speak to the Assyrian envoys at the siege of Jerusalem (circa 701 BC).

(2) In 1 Ch 6:21 (Heb 6:1-20); 2Ch 29:12, a Levite (son of Zimmah) = "Ethan" of 1Ch 6:42 (Hebrew 27).

(3) a son of Obed-edom (1Ch 26:4).

(4) Son of Joahaz and recorder under King Josiah (2Ch 34:8).

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