in-teg'-ri-ti (tom, tummah): The translation of tom, "simplicity," "soundness," "completeness," rendered also "upright," "perfection." Its original sense appears in the phrase letom (1Ki 22:34; 2Ch 18:33), "A certain man drew his bow at a venture" margin "Hebrew, in his simplicity" (compare 2Sa 15:11, "in their simplicity"). It is translated "integrity" (Ge 20:5-6; 1Ki 9:4; Ps 7:8; 25:21; 26:1,11; 41:12; 78:72; Pr 19:1; 20:7), in all which places it seems to carry the meaning of simplicity, or sincerity of heart and intention, truthfulness, uprightness. In the plural (tummim) it is one of the words on the breastplate of the high priest (Ex 28:30; De 33:8; Ezr 2:63; Ne 7:65), one of the sacred lots, indicating, perhaps, "innocence" or "integrity" Septuagint aletheia). See URIM AND THUMMIM. Another word translated "integrity" is tummah, from tamam, "to complete," "be upright," "perfect," only in Job 2:3,1; 27:5; 31:6; Pr 11:3.

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The word "integrity" does not occur in the New Testament, but its equivalents may be seen in "sincerity," "truth," the "pure heart," the "single eye," etc. In the above sense of simplicity of intention it is equivalent to being honest, sincere, genuine, and is fundamental to true character.

W. L. Walker

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