he'-ber (chebher, "associate" or, possibly, "enchanter"; Eber): A name occurring several times in the Old Testament as the name of an individual or of a clan.

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(1) A member of the tribe of Asher and son of Beraiah (Ge 46:17; Nu 26:45; 1Ch 7:31 f).

(2) A Kenite, husband of Jael, who deceptively slew Sisera, captain of the army of Jabin, a Canaanite king (Jg 4:17; 5:24). He had separated himself from the main body of the Kenites, which accounts for his tent being near Kedesh, the place of Sisera's disastrous battle (Jg 4:11).

See also the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.

(3) Head of a clan of Judah, and son of Mered by his Jewish, as distinguished from an Egyptian wife. He was father, or founder, of Soco (1Ch 4:18).

(4) A Benjamite, or clan or family of Elpaal belonging to Benjamin (1Ch 8:17).

(5) Heber, of our Lord's genealogy (Lu 3:35 the King James Version), better, Eber.

So, the name "Eber," `ebher, in 1Ch 5:13; 8:22, is not to be confused with Heber, chebher, as in the foregoing passages.

Edward Bagby Pollard

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