go'-zan (gozan; Gozan, Codex Vaticanus, Gozar in 2Ki 17:6, Chozar in 1Ch 5:26): A place in Assyria to which Israelites were deported on the fall of Samaria (2Ki 17:6; 18:11; 1Ch 5:26). It is also mentioned in a letter of Sennacherib to Hezekiah (2Ki 19:12; Isa 37:12). The district is that named Guzana by the Assyrians, and Gauzanitis by Ptolemy, West of Nisibis, with which, in the Assyrian geographical list (WAI, II, 53, l. 43), it is mentioned as the name of a city (alu Guzana; alu Nasibina). It became an Assyrian province, and rebelled in 759 BC, but was again reduced to subjection.

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James Orr

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