for'-skwar (rabha`; tetragonos): "Foursquare," meaning equal in length and breadth, not round, is the translation of rabha` (from obsolete rebha`, "four"); it occurs in the description of the altar of burnt offering (Ex 27:1; 38:1); of the altar of incense (Ex 30:2; 37:25); of the breastplate of the high priest (Ex 28:16; 39:9); of the panels of the gravings upon the mouth of the brazen or molten sea in Solomon's temple (1Ki 7:31); of the inner court of Ezekiel's temple (Eze 40:47); of "the holy oblation" of the city of Ezekiel's vision (Eze 48:20, rebhi`i, "fourth"); of the new Jerusalem of John's vision (Re 21:16, tetragonos), and conveys the idea of perfect symmetry. In the King James Version marginof 1Ki 6:31, we have "five-square," square being formerly used for equal-sided, as it still is in "three-square file."

See the definition of foursquare in the KJV Dictionary

W. L. Walker

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