eg-zam'-p'-l (tupos, "a pattern," hupodeigma, "copy" "representation" hupogrammos, "a writing-copy," example"): A typical, representative, or illustrative case; a pattern or model for imitation (hupodeigma, Joh 13:15; Heb 8:5 the King James Version; Jas 5:10; hupogrammos, 1Pe 2:21; tupos, 1Ti 4:12 the King James Version) or warning (deigma, "a sample," "exhibition," Jude 1:7; compare 2Pe 2:6; hupodeigma, Heb 4:11; tupos, 1Co 10:6,11 ).

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"Ensample" (tupos, 2 Macc 6:28,31; Php 3:17; 1Th 1:7; 2Th 3:9; 1Ti 4:12; 1Pe 5:3) and "example" have the same meaning, but the former is always suggestive of goodness.

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