Examine; Examination

eg-zam'-in, eg-zam-i-na'-shun: darash, "to follow," "inquire," "make inquisition" (Ezr 10:16); and bachan, "to test," "investigate," "prove," "tempt" (Ps 26:2). The former was the judicial term. anakrino, "scrutinize," "investigate," "interrogate" (in court), "judge," "search" (Lu 23:14; Ac 4:9; 12:19; 28:18; 1Co 9:3); and anetazo, "to investigate" (judicially), "examine" (Ac 22:24,29). Also dokimazo, "to test," "examine," "try" (1Co 11:28 the King James Version); and peirazo, "scrutinize," "discipline" (2Co 13:5 the King James Version). The noun anakrisis, "examination," "investigation," occurs in Ac 25:26.


Frank E. Hirsch

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