The rendering in English Versions of the Bible in some connections of three Hebrew and one Greek word. The qe`arah of Ex 25:29; 37:16; Nu 4:7 was apparently a kind of salver, in this case of gold, for holding the loaves of the "presence bread." The same word represents the silver "platters" (Nu 7:13 ff) brought by the princes as a dedication gift. The cephel of Jg 5:25 was a large bowl, so translated in Jg 6:38. "Lordly dish" is literally, "bowl of (fit for) nobles." The tsallachath of 2Ki 21:13; Pr 19:24; 26:15 (last two the King James Version "bosom" after the Septuagint) refers probably to the wide, deep dish in which the principal part of the meal was served. Of somewhat similar form may have been the trublion Septuagint for qe`arah) mentioned in connection with the Passover meal (Mt 26:23; Mr 14:20).

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Benjamin Reno Downer

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