kon-sid'-er: In the New Testament the force of the word is brought out most vividly in Mt 6:26 (katamanthano), where it means to "examine closely," as though the observer had to bend down for this purpose, and in Lu 12:27; Heb 10:24 (katanoeo, to "observe well"), while in Heb 13:7 the anatheoreo, "look up toward" or "look again at" is consistent with the reverential regard commended in the context. Used in the Old Testament for a variety of Hebrew terms, signifying inspecting (Pr 31:16), examining (Le 13:13), giving serious thoughts to (Ps 77:5 ; Isa 1:3), it often means little more than "see" or "behold" (Ps 8:3; 9:13).

See the definition of consider in the KJV Dictionary

H. E. Jacobs

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