a-tan': The rendering of qanah = "buy," "get" (Pr 1:5); nasagh= "reach," "a meal-offering .... according as he is able" (Eze 46:7 margin), "not attained unto the days" (Ge 47:9); yakhol or yakhowl ="be able," "overcome," "attain to innocency" (Ho 8:5); bo' = "come," "follow" (2Sa 23:19,23; 1Ch 11:21,25); katantao="arrive at" (Ac 27:12 the King James Version; Php 3:11); katalambano ="take eagerly," "seize," "apprehend," "attained to righteousness" (Ro 9:30); phthano ="have arrived at" (Ro 9:31 the King James Version; Php 3:16); lambano -"take," "get a hold of," "catch," the Revised Version (British and American) "already obtained" (Php 3:12); parakoloutheo = "follow," "trace out," "conform to" (1Ti 4:6). Here the Revised Version (British and American) corrects the King James Version.

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Frank E. Hirsch

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