to'-k'-n ('oth, usually rendered "sign" (on De 22:14 ff see the comms.)): "Sign" and "token" are virtually synonymous words and in the King James Version are used with little or no distinction (in Ex 13:1-22, compare Ex 13:9 and Ex 16:1-36). If there is any difference, "token" is perhaps more concrete and palpable than "sign," but this difference cannot be stressed. The modern use of "token," however, as a "memorial of something past" found in Nu 17:10; Jos 2:12. the Revised Version (British and American) has substituted sign in Ex 13:16; Ps 135:9; Isa 44:25, and the American Standard Revised Version has "evidence" in Job 21:29 (a needlessly prosaic change). The four New Testament examples, Mr 14:44; Php 1:28; 2Th 1:5; 3:17 (each for a different Greek word) are self-explanatory.

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Burton Scott Easton

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