su-pli': Php 4:19 for pleroo; 1Co 16:17; Php 2:30 for anapleroo; 2Co 9:12 (the King James Version); 2Co 11:9 for prosanapleroo. All three verbs mean "to fill," the 3rd containing the additional connotation "fill up to a certain point." Eph 4:16; Php 1:19 for the noun epichoregia, literally, "an additional supply." But no special force of "additional" seems to be contained in the passages. In 2 Cor 9:10a; Ga 3:5; Col 2:9; 2Pe 1:5,11, we have epichoregeo, "to furnish besides," i.e. fully supply; in 2Co 9:10b; 1Pe 4:11 the simple choregeo, "to furnish,"

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Burton Scott Easton

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