shor: (1) choph, always of the Mediterranean, variously translated "haven," "beach," "shore," "sea-shore," "coast," "sea coast" (Ge 49:13; De 1:7; Jos 9:1; Jg 5:17; Jer 47:7; Eze 25:16). (2) saphah, literally, "lip"; compare Arabic shafat, "lip"; of the sand upon the seashore, a figure of multitude (Ge 22:17; Ex 14:30; Jos 11:4; Jg 7:12; 1Sa 13:5; 1Ki 4:29); the shore of the Red Sea or Gulf of `Aqabah by Ezion-geber (1Ki 9:26; 2Ch 8:17); the brink of the River Nile (Ge 41:3,17); the edge (the King James Version "brink") of the valley of Arnon (De 2:36). (3) qatseh, literally, "end," "extremity," the uttermost part (the King James Version "shore") of the Salt Sea (Jos 15:2); qetsh ha-'arets, "the end of the earth" (Ps 46:9); compare Arabic 'aqaci-l-'ard, "the uttermost parts of the earth." (4) cheilos, literally, "lip," "as the sand which is by the seashore" (Heb 11:12). (5) aigialos, the beach (the King James Version "shore") of the Sea of Galilee (Mt 13:2,48; Joh 21:4); of the Mediterranean (Ac 21:5; 27:39-40). (6) asson parelegonto ten Kreten, doubtful reading, "sailed along Crete, close in shore" (the King James Version "sailed along by Crete") (Ac 27:13).

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Alfred Ely Day

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