sal-u-ta'-shun (aspasmos): A greeting which might be given in person, orally (Lu 1:29,41,44), or in writing, usually at the close of a letter (1Co 16:21; Col 4:18; 2Th 3:17; compare use of chairein, "greeting," "joy" in Jas 1:1). The Pharisaic Jews loved salutations in public places (Mt 23:7; Mr 12:38, the King James Version "greeting," the Revised Version (British and American) "salutation"; Lu 11:43; 20:46). Often these salutations were very elaborate, involving much time in prostrations, embracings, etc. When Jesus therefore sent out the Seventy, He forbade salutation by the way (Lu 10:4), though He ordinarily encouraged proper civilities of this sort (Mt 5:47; 10:12).

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Edward Bagby Pollard

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