re-par' (machceh, "refuge"): In Joe 3:16, for the King James Version The Lord will be the hope of his people" the King James Version margin renders "place of repair," or, "harbour" = haven of repair. the Revised Version (British and American) gives "refuge." Other words are chazaq, "to strengthen," "harden," "fix" (2Ki 12:5 and often; Ne 3:1-32); rapha' "to heal" (1Ki 18:30); `amadh, "to cause to stand still" (Ezr 9:9); chayah, "to revive" (1Ch 11:8); caghar, "to close up" (1Ki 11:27).

See the definition of repair in the KJV Dictionary

In the Revised Version (British and American) Apocrypha for huporrapto, "to patch up" (Sirach 50:1); episkeuazo, "to get ready" (1 Macc 12:37). In 1 Macc 14:34 occurs "reparation" (modern English "repairs") for epanorthosis, "straightening up."

M. O. Evans

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