Refresh; Refreshing

re-fresh', re-fresh'-ing: "Refresh" occurs a few times in the Old Testament as the translation of naphash, "to take breath," figurative "to be refreshed" (Ex 23:12; 31:17; 2Sa 16:14); of rawach, "to have room (1Sa 16:23; Job 32:20, margin "find relief," the King James Version margin "may breathe"); of ca`adh, "to support" (1Ki 13:7); and in the New Testament as the translation of anapauo, "to give rest" (1Co 16:18; 2Co 7:13; Phm 1:7,20; in compound middle, Ro 15:32 the King James Version); also of anapsucho, "to invigorate," "revive" (2Ti 1:16), and other words. "Refreshing" is in Isa 28:12 marge`ah, "rest" or "quiet"; and in Ac 3:19, anapsuxis, "seasons of refreshing," through the coming of Jesus, the Christ; compare 2 Esdras 11:46 and the King James Version, Sirach 43:22 hilaroo).

W. L. Walker

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