kwi'-et: Verb or adjective only in English Versions of the Bible, "quietness" being used for the noun. No special Hebrew or Greek words are represented, but in the Old Testament usually for some form or derivative of shaqaT, "be undisturbed" (Jg 18:7; compare Pr 1:33, sha'ar, "to loll," "be at ease"; Ec 9:17, nachath, "quiet," "be set on"). For "them that are quiet in the land", in Ps 35:20, see MEEKNESS; POOR. For "quiet prince in Jer 51:59, the Revised Version (British and American) substitutes "chief chamberlain," margin "quartermaster." "Jacob was a quiet (tam, "gentle"] man" (Ge 25:27, the King James Version "plain"). In the New Testament, it is the translation of hesuchazo, "to refrain from gossip or meddlesomehess": "that ye study to be quiet": (1Th 4:11), and of hesuchios, "gentle": "a meek and quiet spirit" (1Pe 3:4; compare 1Ti 2:2).

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M. O. Evans

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