(yathedh, from yathadh, "to drive in a peg"(?)): A cylindrical piece of wood or metal (e.g. brass, Ex 27:19) such as that used by weavers in beating up the woof in the loom (Jg 16:14, where Delilah fastened Samson's hair with the "pin"); or as a peg for hanging (Eze 15:3; compare Isa 22:23 f; Ezr 9:8); or as a tent-pin, such as those used in the tabernacle (Ex 27:19; 35:18; 38:20,31; 39:40; Nu 3:37; 4:32; Jg 4:21, where the King James Version translates "nail," the Revised Version (British and American) "tent-pin"; compare Jg 5:26, where Hebrew has the same word, English Versions of the Bible "nail"). The tent-pin, like that of today, was probably sharpened at one end (Jg 4:21) and so shaped at the other as to permit the attaching of the cords so frequently mentioned in the same connection (Ex 35:18; 39:40; Nu 3:37; 4:32; compare Isa 33:20). From the acts of driving in the tent-pin (Taqa`) and pulling it out (nasa') are derived the technical Hebrew terms for pitching a tent and for breaking camp.

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See also CRISPING PINS (Isa 3:22, the Revised Version (British and American) "satchels"); STAKE.

Nathan Isaacs

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