mes'-en-jer: The regular Hebrew word for "messenger" is mal'akh, the Greek aggelos. This may be a human messenger or a messenger of God, an angel. The context must decide the right translation. In Hag 1:13 the prophet is called God's messenger; Job 33:23 changes the King James Version to "angel" (margin "messenger"); and Mal 3:1 margin, suggests "angel" instead of "messenger." Mal 2:7 and Mal 3:1 (twice) have caused a great deal of comment. See MALACHI. The Greek apostolos, "apostle," is rendered "messenger" in 2Co 8:23; Php 2:25; 1Sa 4:17 translations literally, from Hebrew basar, "to tell good news," "he that brought the tidings." Ge 50:16 reads "message" instead of "messenger."

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A. L. Breslich

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