len'-tilz ('adhashim; phakos; Ge 25:34; 2Sa 17:28; 23:11; Eze 4:9; the King James Version Lentiles): These are undoubtedly identical with the Arabic `adas, a small, reddish bean, the product of Ervum lens, a dwarf leguminous plant, half a foot high, which is extensively cultivated in Palestine as a summer crop. The flour is highly nutritious, and the well-known food, Revalenta arabica, is simply one form, specially prepared; `adas are highly esteemed in Palestine, and are used in soup and as a "pottage" known as mujedderah. This last is of a reddish-brown color and is without doubt the "pottage" of Ge 25:34. Lentils were part of the provisions brought to David when fleeing from Absalom (2Sa 17:28) and were used in the making of the bread for the prophet Ezekiel (2Sa 4:9). In a "plot of ground full of lentils," Shammah, one of David's "mighty men," stood and defended it and slew the marauding Philistines (2Sa 23:11-12).

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E. W. G. Masterman

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