lam: (1) The most used word is kebhes, "a young ram"; compare Arabic kebsh, "ram"; often of sacrifices; (feminine) kabhsah, or kibchsah, "ewe lamb" (2Sa 12:3); by transposition kesebh, and feminine kisbah (Ge 30:40; Le 3:7; 5:6). (2) kar, "lamb" (De 32:14; 1Sa 15:9; 2Ki 3:4). (3) seh, "one" of the flock (Ge 22:7; Le 5:7). (4) tso'n, "sheep," "goats," "flock"; compare Arabic da'n, "sheep" (Ex 12:21); and ben tso'n (Ps 114:4). (5) Taleh, "young lamb"; compare Arabic Tali, "young lamb"; and Tela'im (1Sa 7:9; Isa 40:11; 65:25). (6) 'immerin (Ezr 6:9,17; 7:17). (7) arnas, accusative plural (Lu 10:3); diminutive arnion (Joh 21:15; Re 5:6, etc.). (8) amnos (Joh 1:29,36; Ac 8:32; 1Pe 1:19).

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Alfred Ely Day

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