Judgment Seat

(bema, "a raised place," "platform," "tribune," Mt 27:19; Joh 19:13; see GABBATHA; Ac 12:21 margin (text "throne"); Ac 18:12,16 ff; Ac 25:6,17): In Greek law courts, one bema was provided for the accuser, another for the accused; but in the New Testament the word designates the official scat of a judge, usually of the Roman governor; also of the emperor (Ac 25:10); then of God (Ro 14:10), of Christ (2Co 5:10). The word kriterion, "a tribunal," "bench of judges" (Jas 2:6) occurs also in 1Co 6:2-4, and is there translated in the Revised Version margin by "tribunals."

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