Judas, Juda

(1) The name of an ancestor of Jesus (Lu 3:30). In the King James Version it occurs also in Lu 3:26, but the Revised Version (British and American) has "Joda" (Westcott-Hort, Ioda).

(2) Judas Iscariot (see separate article).

(3) One of the brothers of Jesus (Mt 13:55; Mr 6:3).


(4) An apostle, "not Iscariot" (Joh 14:22). He is generally identified with Lebbaeus (Mt 10:3) and Thaddeus (Mr 3:18). See LEBBAEUS; THADDAEUS. He is called JUDAS OF JAMES (which see) (Lu 6:16; Ac 1:13), which means "the son of James" not (the King James Version) "the brother of James."

(5) A Galilean who stirred up rebellion "in the days of the enrollment" (Ac 5:37).


(6) One with whom Paul lodged in Damascus, whose house was in "the street which is called Straight" (Ac 9:11). Nothing further is known of him. A house is pointed out as his, in a lane off the Straight Street.

(7) Judas Barsabbas (Ac 15:22,27,32; see separate article).

S. F. Hunter

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