je'-ush (ye`ush, probably "he protects," "he comes to help"; see HPN , 109; Kethibh is ye`ish, in Ge 36:5,14; 1Ch 7:10):

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(1) A "son" of Esau (Ge 36:5,14,18; 1Ch 1:35). "The name is thought by some to be identical with that, of an Arabian lion-god Yagut ...., meaning `helper,' whose antiquity is vouched for by inscriptions of Thamud" (Skinner, Gen, 432).

(2) A Benjamite (1Ch 7:10), but probably a Zebulunite. See Curtis, Chronicles, 145 ff.

See also the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.

(3) A descendant of King Saul, the King James Version "Jehush" (1Ch 8:39).

(4) A Gershonite Levite (1Ch 23:10-11).

(5) A son of King Rehoboam (2Ch 11:19).

David Francis Roberts

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