House of God

In Ge 28:17,22 = BETHEL (which see). In Jgs, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezr, Neh, Ps, etc. (beth ha-'elohim), a designation of the sanctuary = "house of Yahweh" (of the tabernacle, Jg 18:31; 20:18,26 the King James Version; of the temple, 1Ch 9:11; 24:5 the King James Version; 2Ch 5:14; Ps 42:4; Isa 2:3, etc.; of the 2nd temple, Ezr 5:8,15; Ne 6:10; 13:11; compare Mt 12:4). Spiritually, in the New Testament, the "house of God" (oikos theou) is the church or community of believers (1Ti 3:15; Heb 10:21; 1Pe 4:17; compare 1Co 3:9,16-17; 1Pe 2:5).

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