he'-man (heman, "faithful"): The name of two men in the Old Testament.

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(1) A musician and seer, a Levite, son of Joel and grandson of the prophet Samuel; of the family of the Kohathites (1Ch 6:33), appointed by David as one of the leaders of the temple-singing (1Ch 15:17; 2Ch 5:12). He had 14 sons (and 3 daughters) who assisted their father in the chorus. Heman seems also to have been a man of spiritual power; is called "the king's seer in matters of God" (1Ch 25:5; 2Ch 35:15).

(2) One of the noted wise men prior to, or about, the time of Solomon. He was one of the three sons of Mahol (1Ki 4:31 (Heb 5:11)); also called a son of Zerah (1Ch 2:6).

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Ps 88:1-18 is inscribed to Heman the Ezrahite, who is probably to be identified with the second son of Zerah.

Edward Babgy Pollard

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