ha'-nun (chanun, "favored," "pitied"):

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(1) A son and successor of Nahash, king of Ammon. Upon the death of Nahash, David sent sympathetic communications to Hanun, which were misinterpreted and the messengers dishonored. Because of this indignity, David waged a war against him, which caused the Ammonites to lose their independence (2Sa 10:1 ff; 1Ch 19:1 ff).

(2) One of the six sons of Zalaph who assisted in repairing the East wall of Jerusalem (Ne 3:30).

See also the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.

(3) One of the inhabitants of Zanoah who repaired the Valley Gate in the wall of Jerusalem (Ne 3:13).

Byron H. Dement

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