ha-na'-ni (chanani, "gracious"):

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(1) A musician and son of Heman, David's seer, and head of one of the courses of the temple service (1Ch 25:4,25).

(2) A seer, the father of Jehu. He was cast into prison for his courage in rebuking Asa for relying on Syria (1Ki 16:1,7; 2Ch 19:2; 20:34).

See also the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.

(3) A priest, of the sons of Immer, who had married a foreign wife (Ezr 10:20).

(4) A brother or kinsman of Nehemiah who carried news of the condition of the Jews in Palestine to Susa and became one of the governors of Jerusalem (Ne 1:2; 7:2).

(5) A priest and chief musician who took part in the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem (Ne 12:36).

Byron H. Dement

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