Grievous; Grievously; Greievousness

grev'-us; grev'-us-li; grev'-us-nes: In addition to several of the words mentioned under GRIEF (which see), we have kabhedh ("heavy") 8 t, e.g. Ge 12:10, "The famine was grievous in the land," the Revised Version (British and American) "sore"; marats ("powerful"), "a grievous curse" (1Ki 2:8); cur, "to turn aside" (Jer 6:28), "grievous revolters"; qasheh, "to make sharp" (1Ki 12:4; 2Ch 10:4); tachalu'im (Jer 16:4), "They shall die grievous deaths," the Revised Version, margin "deaths of sicknesses"; `athaq (Ps 31:18), "which speak grievous things proudly," the Revised Version (British and American) "against the righteous insolently"; cheT, "sin" (La 1:8), "Jerus hath grievously sinned" (literally, "hath sinned a sin"); ma`al, "trespass" (Eze 14:13), "trespassing grievously" (literally, "trespassing a trespass") the Revised Version (British and American) "committing a trespass"; kobhedh, "weight" (Isa 21:15), "grievousness"; barus, "heavy," "grievous wolves" (Ac 20:29), "grievous charges" (Ac 25:7), "His commandments are not grievous" (1Jo 5:3); okneros, the Revised Version (British and American) "irksome" (Php 3:1); poneros, "evil" (Re 16:2), "a grievous sore"; dusbastaktos, "grievous to be borne" (Mt 23:4; Lu 11:46); deinos, "greatly," "grievously tormented" (Mt 8:6); kakos, "badly," "grievously vexed" (Mt 15:22).

W. L. Walker

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