fool-fil' (male; pleroo, teleo, with other words): "Fulfill" is used (1) in a sense more or less obsolete, "to fill up," complete (Ge 29:21,28; Ex 23:26; Job 36:17, the Revised Version (British and American) "full," margin "filled up"; Mt 3:15, "to fulfill all righteousness"; Php 2:2, "Fulfil ye my joy," the American Standard Revised Version "make full"; compare 2Co 10:6); (2) in the sense of "to accomplish," "to carry into effect," as to fulfill the word of Yahweh (1Ki 2:27; 8:15,24; 2Ch 36:21, etc.); in the New Testament very frequently used of the fulfillment of prophetic Scripture (Mt 1:22; 2:15, etc.). Love is declared to be "the fulfillment (pleroma, "fullness") of the law" (Ro 13:10). For "fulfill" the Revised Version (British and American) has "do" (Re 17:17); for "fulfilled" has "performed" (2Sa 14:22), "accomplished" (Ezr 1:1; Mt 5:18; 24:34; Lu 21:32; Joh 19:28), with numerous other changes.

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W. L. Walker

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