Adj.: The translation of hadhash, "new," "fresh" (Job 29:20, "My glory is fresh in me"); of leshadh, "sap," "moisture" (Nu 11:8, of the manna, "as the taste of fresh oil," the Revised Version, margin "cakes baked with oil"); of ra`anan, "to be fresh and green" (Ps 92:10, "fresh oil"); of glukus, "sweet" (Jas 3:12, "salt water and fresh," the Revised Version (British and American) "sweet"). Fresher is the translation of rutaphash, "to become fresh" (Job 33:25; "His flesh shall be fresher than a child's").

See the definition of fresh in the KJV Dictionary

Revised Version has "fresh" for "green" (Ge 30:37; Le 23:14), for "moist" (Nu 6:3), for "full" (Le 2:14; 2Ki 4:42), for "new" (Jg 15:15; Mt 9:17; Mr 2:22; Lu 5:38).

W. L. Walker

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