fol (vb.): The idea of falling is most frequently expressed in Hebrew by naphal, but also by many other words; in Greek by pipto, and its compounds. The uses of the word in Scripture are very varied. There is the literal falling by descent; the falling of the countenance in sorrow, shame, anger, etc. (Ge 4:5-6); the falling in battle (Ge 14:10; Nu 14:3, etc.); the falling into trouble, etc. (Pr 24:16-17); prostration in supplication and reverence (Ge 17:3; Nu 14:5, etc.); falling of the Spirit of Yahweh (Eze 11:5; compare Eze 3:24; 8:1); of apostasy (2Th 2:3; Heb 6:6; Jude 1:24), etc. the Revised Version (British and American) frequently changes "fall" of the King James Version into other words or phrases, as "stumble" (Le 26:37; Ps 64:8; 2Pe 1:10, etc.), "fade" (Isa 33:4), etc.; in Ac 27:1-44, the Revised Version (British and American) reads "be cast ashore on rocky ground" for "have fallen upon rocks" (Ac 27:29), "perish" for "fall" (Ac 27:34), "lighting upon" for "falling into" (Ac 27:41).

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W. L. Walker

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