de-vout' (eulabes, eusebes, sebomai, "pious," "dutiful," "reverential"): The word is peculiar to Luke. Applied to Simeon (Lu 2:25), Cornelius (Ac 10:2,7), Ananias (Ac 22:12). "Devout proselytes" (Ac 13:43, the King James Version "religious proselytes"), with possible reference to the proselytes of righteousness as distinguished from the proselytes of the gate (see PROSELYTE). "Devout women of honorable estate" (Ac 13:50), proselytes to Judaism and wives of the men in high position among the heathen (see Josephus,BJ ,II , xx, 2). "Devout Greeks" (Ac 17:4), probably, though not necessarily, proselytes of the gate, heathen by birth, who attended the synagogue services and worshipped God. "Devout persons" (Ac 17:17), proselytes of the gate.

See the definition of devout in the KJV Dictionary

M. O. Evans

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