Detestable, Things

de-tes'-ta-b'-l, (shiqquts; sheqets, synonymous with to`ebhah, "abomination," "abominable thing"): The translation of shiqqutsim in Jer 16:18; Eze 5:11; 7:20; 11:18,21; 37:23; a term always applied to idol-worship or to objects connected with idolatry; often also translated "abomination," as in 1Ki 11:5,7 (bis); Jer 4:1; Eze 20:7-8,30. Sheqets, translated "abomination," is applied in the Scriptures to that which is ceremonially unclean (Le 7:21), creatures forbidden as food, as water animals without fins or scales in Le 11:10-12, birds of prey and the like (verse 18), winged creeping things (verses 20,23), creeping vermin (verses 41 f). Compare also Isa 66:17. By partaking of the food of the animals in question one makes himself detestable (Le 11:43; 20:25). Similarly the idolatrous appurtenances are to be held in detestation; nothing of the kind should be appropriated for private use (De 7:26).


Max L. Margolis

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