Dedicate; Dedication

ded'-i-kat, ded-ika'-shun (chanukkah, "initiation," "consecration"; qadhesh, "to be clean," "sanctify"; cherem, "a thing devoted (to God)"): Often used in Hebrew of the consecration of persons, but usually in the English Versions of the Bible of the setting apart of things to a sacred use, as of the altar (Nu 7:10 f,84,88; compare Da 3:2-3, "the dedication of the image"), of silver and gold (2Sa 8:11; 2Ki 12:4), of the Temple (1Ki 8:63; Ezr 6:16 f; compare Ex 29:44), of the wall of Jerusalem (Ne 12:27), of private dwellings (De 20:5). the Revised Version (British and American) substitutes "devoted" for "dedicated" in Eze 44:29.


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