Dawn; Dawning

don: The word means the approach of the morning light, the breaking of the day. There are several words in the Bible that indicate this. nesheph, "twilight" of the morning (Job 7:4; Ps 119:147). The same word is used for evening twilight (1Sa 30:17; 2Ki 7:5,7); penoth ha-boqer, "the turning" of the morning, the change from darkness to light, approach of the morning (Jg 19:26); 'aph`-appe shachar, "the eyelids" of the morning (Job 3:9; 41:18 (10)); aloth ha-shachar, "the ascent" or "rise" of the morning (Jos 6:15); epi-phosko, "to grow light," the approach of the dawn (Mt 28:1; Lu 23:54 margin); diaugazo, "to grow bright, "lustrous" (2Pe 1:19), "until the day dawn"; figurative of the Second Coming of Christ (compare 2Pe 1:16).

H. Porter

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