kroos: A small earthen vessel or flask, usually for holding liquids: tsappachath; as water, 1Sa 26:11-12,16; 1Ki 19:6; it being porous, the liquid is kept cool; also for holding oil, as in 1 Ki l1Ki 7:12,14,16.

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In 1 Ki 14:3 ("a cruse of honey") the word baqbuq, would be better rendered "bottle," doubtless deriving its name from the gurgling sound of issuing liquids. In 2 Ki 2:20 tselochith, is not a jar or flask, but a dish, or platter, for salt or other substances.

In the New Testament a small jar or vial, alabastron, "alabaster cruse" or flask, for holding ointment; not "box" as in the King James Version (Mt 26:7; Mr 14:3; Lu 7:37; compare 1Sa 10:1; 2Ki 9:1,3, where "box" in the King James Version is used for "vial" the Revised Version (British and American)).

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Edward Bagby Pollard

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