kur'-aj: Hebrew chazaq, "to show oneself strong" (Nu 13:20; 2Sa 10:12; 1Ch 19:13; 2Ch 15:8; Ezr 10:4; Ps 27:14; 31:24; Isa 41:6); ruach, "spirit," "animus" (Jos 2:11 the King James Version); 'amats, "to be alert" (physically and mentally), "to be agile," "quick," "energetic" (De 31:6-7,23; Jos 1:6,9,18; 10:25; 1Ch 22:13; 28:20); lebhabh, "the heart," and figuratively, "person," "spirit" (Da 11:25); Greek tharsos, "cheer" (Ac 28:15). A virtue highly esteemed among all nations, one of the four chief "natural" (cardinal) virtues (The Wisdom of Solomon 8:7), while cowardice ranks as one of the mortal sins (Ec 2:12-13; Re 21:8).

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