kor'-ner (miqtsoa`, pe'ah, pinnah; arche, gonia, akrogoniaios): In Ex 26:24; Eze 41:22; 46:21-22, miqtsoa`, "angle" is translated "corner"; pe'ah, "side," "quarter" and pinnah "corner," "front," "chief," are more frequently so translated, e.g. Ex 25:26; Le 19:9; Jer 9:26; 25:23; and Ex 27:2; 1Ki 7:34; Ps 118:22; Isa 28:16 ("corner-stone"); Jer 51:26. Other words are kanaph, "wing" (Isa 11:12; Eze 7:2); katheph, "shoulder" (2Ki 11:11 the King James Version, twice); pa`am, "foot" (Ex 25:12 the King James Version); zawiyoth, "corner-stones" (Ps 144:12; Zec 9:15, translated "corners").

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For "corner" the Revised Version (British and American) has "side" (Ex 36:25), "corner-stone" (Zec 10:4), also for "stay" (Isa 19:13); instead of "teacher removed into a corner" (Isa 30:20), "be hidden," "hide themselves"; for "corners" we have "feet" (Ex 25:12; 1Ki 7:30); "ribs" (Ex 30:4; 37:27); for "divide into corners" (Ne 9:22), "allot after their portions"; for "into corners" (De 32:26), "afar"; the words to Israel (Isa 41:9) "called thee from the chief men 'atsilim thereof" are rendered by the Revised Version (British and American) "called thee from the corners thereof" (of the earth).

In the New Testament we have gonia ("angle," "corner"), "in the corners of the streets" (Mt 6:5), "the head of the corner" (Mt 21:42), "the four corners of the earth" (Re 7:1; 20:8); arche ("a beginning") (Ac 10:11; 11:5); "chief corner stone" (Eph 2:20; 1Pe 2:6), is a translation of akrogoniaios ("at the extreme angle").

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W. L. Walker

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