Continual; Continually

kon-tin'-u-al, kon-tin'-u-a-li: Without cessation, although there may be intervals between its presence; that which regularly recurs throughout a period, as Lu 24:53: "(They) were continually in the temple"; "lest .... by her continual coming" (Lu 18:5). In Old Testament for Hebrew tadhir, "pursue," as one drop of rain follows another in swift succession, but more frequently by tamidh for offerings repeated at intervals, as Ex 29:42; occasionally the Hebrew has the phrase literally meaning "all the day" (kol ha-yom), as Ge 6:5. In the New Testament most frequently for dia pantos, "through all" ("always" Mt 18:10; Heb 13:15), "sometimes," adialeiptos, "incessantly" (Ro 9:2 the King James Version) and dienekes, "continuously" (Heb 7:3).

H. E. Jacobs

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