kon-fu'-zhun (bosheth, "shame, paleness," kelimmah, "blushing," tohu; akatastasia, sugchusis): In the Old Testament bosheth (1Sa 20:30; Ps 109:29 the King James Version) and kelimmah (Ps 44:15; Isa 30:3) are the words most frequently translated "confusion"; tohu, "wastiness," "emptiness" is so translated (Isa 24:10; 34:11; 41:29), also qalon, "lightness," "contempt" (Job 10:15 = ignominy, the American Standard Revised Version) and tebhel, "profanation" (Le 18:23; 20:12); ra`ash, "shaking," "trembling," rendered "confused" in Isa 9:5 the King James Version; compare the Revised Version (British and American). Greek akatashatasia, "instability" is translated "confusion" (1Co 14:33; Jas 3:16); sugchusis, "a pouring out together" (Ac 19:29). In The Wisdom of Solomon 14:26, "changing of kind" (the King James Version) is rendered "confusion of sex."

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W. L. Walker

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