ko-mit': Used in two senses:

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(1) "To give in charge" or "entrust": sim, "to put" (Job 5:8); galal, "to roll" (Ps 37:5; Pr 16:3); paqadh, "to give, in charge" (Ps 31:5 the King James Version; compare Lu 23:46); tithemi, "committed to us (the Revised Version, margin "placed in us") the word of reconciliation" (2Co 5:19); paratheke, "that which I have committed unto him" (2Ti 1:12; the Revised Version, margin "that which he hath committed unto me," Greek "my deposit"); "that which is committed unto thee" (1Ti 6:20, Greek "the deposit"); "that good thing," etc. (2Ti 1:14, Greek "the good deposit").

(2) "To do or practice (evil)": prasso "commit such things" (Ro 1:32, the Revised Version (British and American) "practice"; compare Ro 2:2). In 1 Jn 3:4,8 "doeth sin" (poieo, the King James Version "committeth sin") shows that it is not committing a single sin that is in view, but sinful practice.

W. L. Walker

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