Comeliness; Comely

kum'-li-nes, kum'-li: Cognate with "becoming," namely, what is suitable, graceful, handsome. The servant of Yahweh in Isa 53:2 is without "comeliness" (hadhar, "honor"), i.e. there is in his appearance nothing attractive, while he is bowed beneath man's sin. "Praise is comely" (na'wah, f. of na'weh; Ps 33:1; 147:1), i.e. suitable or befitting "for the righteous," and, therefore, an honor and glory; "uncomely parts," aschemona (1Co 12:23), namely, less honorable. See also 1Sa 16:18, "a comely person"; Song 6:4, "comely as Jerusalem." etc.

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