bild'-er (banah; oikodomeo, technites): "To build," "builder," ete, are in the Old Testament commonly the translation of banah, "to build," occurring very frequently; see BUILD,BUILDING . The literal significance leads also to several figurative applications, especially to God as Divine Builder (1) as establishing, e.g. the nation (Ps 69:35; 102:16; Jer 12:16), the throne of David (Ps 89:4), Jerusalem (Ps 147:2); (2) in restoration--rebuilding (Isa 58:12; 61:4; 65:21; Jer 31:4,28; 42:10; Eze 36:36; Am 9:11; compare Ac 15:16); (3) as establishing in prosperity (Job 22:23; 1Sa 2:35; Jer 24:6; compare Ge 16:2 the Revised Version, margin, Hebrew, "be builded by her"); (4) the firm establishment of the Divine attributes (Ps 89:2); (5) Divine opposition (La 3:5, "He hath builded against me"); compare Job 19:8; (6) the choosing of a corner-stone which the builders rejected (Ps 118:22-23; quoted by Christ (Mt 21:42; Mr 12:10; Lu 20:17); by Peter (Ac 4:11; 1Pe 2:7)).

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In the New Testament Christians are represented as being (1) built by God (1Co 3:9,16) on Christ as the one foundation (Mt 16:18, on Jesus as the Christ; 1Pe 2:5 f; Ac 9:31 the Revised Version, margin; Ro 15:20; 1Co 3:10,12,14 (epoikodomo); Eph 2:20); (2) as being continuously and progressively built up in their faith and life (Ac 20:32; 1Co 8:1 the Revised Version, margin, "buildeth up"; 1Co 10:23 margin, Greek "build up"; 1Co 14:4,17 m; 1Th 5:11; compare Jude 1:20); (3) they are "builded togethe r" (sunoikodomeo) in Christ (Eph 2:22; Col 2:7 (epoikodomeo); compare 1Co 3:9); (4) "builded up" is used in a bad sense (1Co 8:10 the King James Version and the Revised Version (British and American), "emboldened," the Revised Version, margin "be builded up"); (6) in Heb 3:4 God is represented as the Builder (establisher) of all things, the Revised Version, margin "established," and in Heb 11:10 as the Builder (technites), of the New Jerusalem; in Heb 9:11 for "building" the Revised Version (British and American) has "creation" (ktisis); (7) in 1Co 3:10-14; Ga 2:18, building represents constructing a system of teaching; Paul speaks of himself as "a wise master-builder" (sophos architekton).

W. L. Walker

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